ANNE BOSY RDH MEd MSc, aka the "Breath Doc" -- Scientist, Researcher, Innovator, Founder of the Fresh Breath Clinic and Oravital Inc, and creator of the Oravital® System, an effective non-surgical treatment for bad breath and periodontitis.

In addition to receiving her Dental Hygiene diploma from the University of Toronto, Anne also completed a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Education degree and a research Master of Science degree at the University. Anne became the first person to attain an MSc in Oral Malodour and gained international recognition as a result of her ground-breaking research.

Anne's MSc research was directed at populations with persistent oral malodour, also called halitosis or bad breath. This research led to some pivotal findings that halitosis, previously associated only with periodontitis, was similarly prevalent in individuals that had healthy tissues. Further, there was no significant difference in the intensity of the odour between the two groups. This new information confirmed the need for a clinic specialising exclusively in the assessment & treatment of oral malodour problems.

Anne organised and operated the Halitosis Assessment Clinic at the University of Toronto for three years until its successful completion in 1993. The Fresh Breath Clinic was founded by Anne Bosy & dentist Julian Geller in November of that year. As clinical director Anne designed and developed the Clinic's unique protocols, incorporating microbial analysis and a detailed assessment of the patient's systemic and oral health. This rigorous scientific approach results in a very clear picture of the specific microbial imbalances in the mouth of each individual as well as any contributing health and lifestyle factors. The malodour-causing imbalance can then be treated very precisely with special medicated rinses also developed by Anne.

Anne has presented her ongoing research at The International Association of Dental Research and at research symposia in Canada, the United States, Europe, Sweden, and Japan. She has authored research papers on the topic of oral malodour and is published in numerous international oral health journals.

Anne's commitment to dental hygiene education has helped her develop considerable expertise in dental health, including the role of nutrition in maintaining healthy oral tissues. Anne also developed expertise in microbiology and oral biofilm during her ongoing work as a researcher and as a specialised clinician and Clinical Director at the Fresh Breath Clinic. Her uniquely successful treatment system, now known as the Oravital® System and available in multiple international locations, assists thousands of patients annually with malodour and oral health issues.

Oravital® -- "a healthy mouth for a healthy body"

While developing her revolutionary non-surgical treatment system for persistent bad breath, Anne discovered that the system was also an excellent treatment for the other condition that has eluded dentists' ability to control: periodontitis (gum disease). The Oravital® System not only controls halitosis but also gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontitis. Patients with bleeding gums see their gums quickly become healthy and stay that way, even after years of chronic problems. Perio pockets are reduced by 90% on average.

How is this possible? It has been known for some time that gum diseases were caused by bacterial infection. Anne discovered that chronic halitosis was also caused by bacterial infection. When these oral infections are identified and controlled, the symptoms are also controlled. And since controlling oral infection means less risk of the "bad" bacteria travelling through the bloodstream and infecting other parts of the body, the body becomes healthier as a whole.

The Oravital® System is non-invasive and easy to use. Learn more at the Oravital® website.

The BreathDoc in her own words: a career in a nutshell

"As a new dental hygienist with a diploma in Dental Hygiene from the University of Toronto, Ontario, I began my career in Vancouver, British Columbia, as that province's 6th registered dental hygienist. During my four years in B.C. I had the opportunity to work with hypnosis as a vehicle to help children accept dental treatment. Upon returning to Ontario my interests took me back to children's dentistry, and I spent several years in Dr. Art Wood's practice where I learned much about sports safety and mouthguards.

"In a new turn of events, I found myself (and my young family) working in the Caribbean island of Barbados as a volunteer for Canadian University Services Overseas (CUSO) with the mandate to improve the delivery of dental public health services to the children of the island. Perseverance was required and I had learned that early in life, having grown up on a farm in Saskatchewan! After a most interesting and successful two years working with the Barbadian Ministry of Health, Toronto became home again. Fueled by my new insight into public health, I took up employment with the Region of Peel Dental Public Health Services. To improve my knowledge and my usefulness in this field, I enrolled in a new course that taught dental hygienists to restore teeth. This led me to a new career as a professor at George Brown College in Toronto where I developed several core courses as well as a computer-assisted teaching system (CATS) in the early 80's, and trained generations of Dental Hygienists. I retired from teaching 30 years later when the growing demands of running a fulltime halitosis clinic surpassed my ability to do both.

"During the early years at George Brown, I completed my Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees, taking several courses at night and during the College's summer breaks. My degree in education focused on computer applications and course design, and this shaped much of what I did at the College. An opportunity to further my education through a research Master of Science became available in 1990, and I found myself immersed in the problems of people who experienced persistent bad breath and bad taste. They had no one who would listen or offer help. The time spent with this research shaped the way the Fresh Breath Clinic (and later Oravital® System for dental practices) was designed, resulting in the unique diagnostic and treatment system we now provide internationally for oral infections that include gum disease and halitosis.

"As the BreathDoc, I hope to share both science and life stories to help people understand the complexities of the problem that we casually call bad breath."


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