BreathDoc - the science of bad breath

Welcome to BreathDoc, an online journal designed to keep you informed about bad breath issues, provide you with tips on keeping your breath fresh, discuss bad breath products and treatment options, and answer your questions about transient & persistent halitosis and related problems like dry mouth and oral infection.

The "Breath Doc" is Anne Bosy RDH MEd MSc, a dental health professional, biohealth scientist, researcher, retired dental hygiene professor, and founder & Senior VP of Oravital. Anne was co-founder and clinical director of the Fresh Breath Clinic in Toronto, Canada, which successfully treated many thousands of halitosis patients from more than 30 countries during its 15 years of operations as a unique clinic dedicated to the assessment and treatment of chronic bad breath.

Anne writes about the science of 'oral malodour' in a clear and reader-friendly style on many topics related to oral health. There are unique articles on this website not published anywhere else. We hope you find them helpful! To see what the BreathDoc is doing now, please visit


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